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"We transform your digital documents to be compatible with ADA Compliance and reach a community needing auxiliary aids."


‘ADA Compliance’ refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, which prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and pushes for organizations/agencies/companies to determine what accommodations can be made to make content accessible to everyone.


As the Internet has only become more ubiquitous since then, websites and the content on them have come under the ‘umbrella’ of services that are vulnerable to a lawsuit if they’re not accessible to all users.


Here are a couple of critical reasons why you should be prioritizing addressing your website’s documents compliance:


  1. Lawsuits; not meeting minimum guidelines, not providing auxiliary aids, accessibility limited.

  2. Citizens constantly contacting your organization for direct help/assistance, due to the fact that they can’t find or access what they need via the website.

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ADA standards are a growing need to be met, as we start to accommodate individuals that require auxiliary aids for vision impairment.

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