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About Us

Yellow Rose Consulting LLC is a Dallas, Texas-based Consulting company that caters to clients such as agencies, companies, and organizations who have operational websites that service the public and provide access to online documentation. We assist them in reviewing and updating their current documentation that is accessible to the public population, to ensure that once available, it meets ADA standards and guidelines.

We audit and fix documents on behalf of the agency, company, or organization, provide training classes that produce finished product (1-2 documents per trainee), or a combination of both.

To receive a free review for your agency, company, or organization of a couple of documents from your website - showing why these ADA standards are a growing need to be met, as we start to accommodate for individuals that require auxiliary aids for vision impairment.

Want to experience the expertise of Yellow Rose Consulting for yourself?

Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do for you!

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What Does Compliance Look Like?

The Goal

To provide a reading of the information in a similar way a sighted person would read.

The non ADA compliant 'Before' document reads – “Warning. This page is blank” for an individual using a screen reader.

ADA Example - Sighted.png


ADA Compliance

The ADA compliant document ('After') reads as paragraphs and in the correct order, top to bottom.

This helps to maintain an accessible document for all users.

ADA Example - Corrected.png


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